Our Story

 "...more than a store". It's our unofficial motto, but it's also a good description of how we got here. Some stores begin as a business plan: a pitch to a loan officer, a carefully crafted spreadsheet, a branding proposal. Old Main Mercantile began, instead, as a daydream. More specifically, as a game to pass the time for a little girl in Western Kentucky. Playing the role of store owner, she happily delivered specialty goods to her customers with a smile and carefully counted change. 

Several decades, several moves, and what seems like a lifetime later, that girl grew up and decided that it was time to make that dream a reality. Armed with ideas and a whole lot of hope, Suzie Lambrich opened Old Main Mercantile in July of 2020. (Yeah, you read that date right). 

Opening a retail shop in the middle of a global pandemic might seem like a silly move to most, but that's probably the reason there's only one Old Main Mercantile. We may not be the neighborhood Tavern, but there’s a good chance we’ll remember your name. Who knows, if you play your cards right you may even get a “wee dram”— as our friends across the way might say. We can’t guarantee you’ll find something you can’t live without (the best things in life truly are free), but we can assure you that you’ll find something to pique your curiosity and get you daydreaming…

…and we’re pretty sure you’ll be back.