Craft Bitters Gift Set

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  • KING FLOYD'S® supplies the highest quality Bitters available. These bottles contain our top-selling Bitters specially chosen for your next Old Fashioned or Manhattan. Each herb and spice is carefully selected for taste, potency and purity. Which we meticulously extract using King Floyd's secret percolation process.

    King Floyd's Old Fashioned Bitters Gift Set is made for the lover of Whiskey. This Gift Set is ready to impress, wrapped in a wooden box for easy storage and great presentation. The back of this package also includes a multitude of recipes to inspire great Whiskey based cocktails.

    • King Floyd's Orange Bitters brings forth a bitter zest with a touch of citrus sweetness for a perfect balance.
    • King Floyd's Flagship Aromatic Bitters is a combination of 10 different herbs & spices that is sure to bring complexity to a simple spirit.
    • King Floyd's Cherry Cacao Bitters is an award-winning blend of Montmorency Cherries with a Dark Chocolate background. This cocktail addition is a love letter to your taste buds.